My story

My name is Bernadette Fisers (pronounced Fisher - it's Latvian) and I am an Australian mum and a hair and makeup artist. I grew up about an hour outside of Melbourne in a country town called Dandenong which was a fairly tough neighbourhood. It wasn't unusual for kids to take knives and nun-chuckers to school for use in fights on the school oval at lunchtime. Plus of course, the absolute requirement of smoking in the toilets.

I'm one of 7 children, second youngest of 4 girls and 3 boys in fact. I've always been determined, that determination leading me to start work at a very early age. My first job at 12 was setting my elderly next door neighbours purple hair, it never looked betterand I was beside myself with the $5 I earned. I got a 'real' job at the age of 14 working part timefor a Hair Salon sweeping up, skating there and back on my home made skateboard, which was built from roller skate wheels topped off with a piece of shaped, scrap wood.

By that time I was earning $15 a week and thought I was rich. I quickly bought all of the junk food that we could never afford at home and began stuffing myself, mostly not sharing with my siblings. I was tired of sharing everything, including my undie drawer. It's no wonder I've had a lifelong obsession with nice underwear and food. My weight and related health problems really came to a head after I had my daughter. It just got completely out of control at close to 130kg (287lbs) with pre-diabetes, hypertension and a fatty liver. I had to do something. (...)

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US edition of 'The Little Book of Big Weight Loss' is now available – click here purchase. 

Australian edition of 'The Little Book of Big Weightloss' – click here to purchase.

Australian edition of 'The Little Book of Big Happiness' -available for pre-order from Booktopia

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This book changed my life! 21 kilos lost in 20 weeks and never going to be fat again. This book will go on to change the lives of so many other women and empower them to be healthy and happy!

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‘I read The Little Book of Big Weightloss interview in the Woman’s Weekly and felt so hopeful! someone who was my size and my age has managed to achieve what I thought may have been impossible. It’s a great little book, quick to read and straight to the point. Bern’s rules are so straightforward and achievable.’

‘Like many woman I have bought "many" diet books and scammed the pages and felt overwhelmed... so overwhelmed with information that I put the book away. However I think I've found the last diet book I will ever need... I looked at this book like a drivers manual. I follow the rules when I drive so I am safe and in control. Along the way I lost the rules of food and I'm so grateful that I have a book of awesome rules to guide me back to health and put me in control.’

sbaussiegirl – Nashville, USA